Near Bridgwater and Taunton in Somerset
Holiday cottages at Great House Barns

The Smallholding

When we came here in April 2007 there was just grass and fences, a blank canvass.  First came the chickens, we started with 2 Light Sussex and 2 Black Rock, I haven’t bought an egg since, the white’s are firm and the yolks are orangey yellow, they taste lovely and make the best cakes.  I sell the eggs and raise chicks to sell or for the table.

Our neighbour gave us three British Vendeen ewes, after a bad start with only one lamb (Sheba) surviving, we have had lambs every year since, Sheba has had 2 lambs each year and we still have one of the original ewes, this year we are keeping the two ewe lambs so that we have a small herd of 5 for next year.

We have started raising pigs which we buy at 8 weeks old, we slaughter at 6 months, I butcher them myself, so in addition to lovely joints we have our own sausages and I have experimented with salami, bacon, brawn etc.  We have had Gloucester Old Spot, and Saddlebacks.

The bees have been fascinating and the honey delicious, we had about 40lb’s the first 2 years but last year was so wet the bees had a hard time so we left the honey with them and hope for a better summer this year.

The dogs all have to earn their keep, the Labrador is a good gundog and is kept busy through the season retrieving, the terrier and beagle help with rabbit control.

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